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Employee Scheduling
The employee work schedule module allows you to create work schedules and
shifts online for your employees. Employees can easily view and print out their work
schedule, as well as potentially trade shifts with other employees. Managers and
employers can maintain a clear, real-time picture of their employees' schedules, as
well as track availability, change schedules on the fly, and compare schedules
against actual attendance.
Managing Schedules
Creating a work schedule is simple. Just define the group or individual it applies to,
set the days and hours, and you're done. Employees can be automatically notified of
any shifts they are assigned to, making it easy to communicate new schedules or
changes. You can also create shift templates, or reuse previous shifts, to even further
simplify schedule creation. Drag and drop functionality lets you quickly move or swap
individual shifts. When you're done managing the schedule, just click a button to put
it into effect.
Schedule Views
The schedule can be viewed and sorted in a variety of ways, including daily and
weekly overviews, by employee, by shifts, by posistion or category, by employee
availabilty or preference, by custom sortable list, and more. You can also choose
to export the schedule to a CSV or Excel file.
Attendance Report
The attendance report allows you to compare an employee's work schedule with the
actual time they worked according to the time sheet data. By comparing the two, you
can quickly identify employee attendance issues (such as employees who are coming
in late, taking long lunches, leaving early, missing breaks, or are simply absent
entirely when they are scheduled to work) and take action.
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